Healing Power of Meditation

You gain prana through meditation

How meditation can heal you

With such a powerful practice at hand, let’s look into just what meditation does for you.

Meditation increases your prana or life energy

You gain prana through meditation. Prana is the very basis of health and well-being. It makes you alert and energetic. Meditation also helps you discover a new dimension. This will help develop a calmer and more positive attitude in life.

Regular practice of meditation heals the body

You will, generally, find the root of illness in your mind or consciousness. Practicing guided meditation for self-healing will help ward off stress and anxieties. Your consciousness expands and you

enter a positive state of mind. This passes on to the physical body - brain and nervous system, keeping you healthy.

Meditation is an essential tool on the spiritual journey

What is the meaning of life? Is there a purpose? Why am I here? What is love? What is knowledge? Have these questions crossed your mind? If they have, you are fortunate! Your spiritual journey has begun, undoubtedly. The fact is, you cannot find the answers to these questions only in books. Meditation can help you delve into them though.

Meditation is useful to heal the world

When there is a fire in the room, the heat is not restricted to the fire, but spreads all around. Similarly, if you are unhappy or depressed, you tend to spread it to the whole environment. Meditation also has the same effect, but it is a positive force. It nullifies the negative vibrations in the environment, thereby creating harmony all around. Meditation and Sudarshan Kriya have transformed the aggression and violence in people to compassion and caring.

Meditation heals your chakras

Chakras are energy points in the body. There are seven chakras, each with its own vitality. It can influence different aspects of our emotional well-being. By activating the chakras using the guided meditation for chakra healing you can start your self-healing process.

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